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The Diverse Evolution of the Circular Space:

Hsu Chao Fu's Interpretation of Self Mandala

Modern people live in a competitive and high-pressure environment, in which we often suppress our emotions. Once the suppressed feelings break out and attack reversely, they may lead to the occurrence of negative behaviors. The purpose of this art production is to attempt to combine the creation of mandala, a symbol of “Self”, with the application of oriental paintings. Through this attempt, emotions are soothed and re-organized. During the creating process, the inner cognition is expanded for a broader tolerance to adapt to the external life.

This art production first discusses the origin of the meaning of mandala and the image structure, and then investigate the transformation mechanism of art therapy and spiritual energy. Furthermore, it analyzes mandala through the actual cases of the creation, and then uses the mandala image to achieve the balance of inner self and external life.This research tries to discuss the beauty of the mandala from its symbolisms, satisfactory of the shapes, sizes and colors and its concepts of universe. The creator verifies the effectiveness of mandala creation in emotional transformation and completes the image creation of Mandala. In the research, the creator has also reviewed literature on "Self", "Body, Disease and Culture" and "Spatial Psychological Treatment", expecting to observe Self and the change from a more appropriate view with more meaning of oriental space.

In this study, the author tries to purpose the vision in body and space. From the literature review in both the arguments of Western scholars and in the traditional Chinese theories, the body is closely related to vision, hearing, and touch. The body is a place to demonstrate oneself. After an individual enters the medical field of mental illness, through the author's creation and the communication with inner space, he or she can develop a way to find the Self.


Mandala, space, art therapy, oriental

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